Tuesday, 30 October 2007


Virgin ran an ad in Zee Magazine last month with an exclusive freeroll anddue to the postal strike and some other factors it's been a complete washout so to try and salvage some worth from it I thought I'd throw thepassword to some forums so at least people can take advantage. Details arebelow - feel free to do with them what you please.Tomorrow (Wednesday 31st) @ 7pm GMTFreeroll with below prizes:1st - 100,000 Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Miles2nd to 5th - Branded Virgin poker chip sets6th to 10th - ?30Password - flyingmiles

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Virgin Poker Golden Ticket

I played a special online tournament with the poker jokers on Virgin pokers site.

Well done to 5 Fingers for winning the seat at the tournament in Birmingham.

I was amazed at how the cards fell during game on this site. Every showdown seemed to bring a card that changed the destiny of the pot on the turn or the river. Is this peculiar to Virgin Poikers site or is it common on other online sites.

Annette Obrestad wins WSOPE

This is a turn up for the books!

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

More on Electronic Poker Tables

I like the idea of poker electronic poker tables as I said here.

But don't invest in the manufacturers on the Nasdaq until this little difficulty is sorted out, as reported by the Motley Fool

"But my favorite filing this week comes courtesy of PokerTek (Nasdaq: PTEK), which has created an automated poker table called PokerPro. By eliminating the need for a dealer, the theory goes, the company can juice casino profits by dealing more hands, more often.
Profit-seeking is a noble goal, especially for an unabashed capitalist like me. But there's a difference between profit-seeking and profit-taking, even if Chief Financial Officer Christopher Daniels doesn't recognize it.
According to
this filing, Daniels might have used the company credit card to fund personal purchases. We don't how much and for what (please, God, tell me it's not ice sculptures), but the Audit Committee of the company's board has commenced an independent investigation of all corporate credit card use. Daniels is on administrative leave until that investigation is resolved.
I know I shouldn't have to state the obvious here, but I'll do it anyway: Stay away from this stock until the Audit Committee reveals its findings. Or, in poker parlance, treat PokerTek the same way you would deal with an off-suit seven-deuce in hold 'em poker: fold."

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Great Hand of Poker

Heres an interesting hand of poker KK v QQ v AA, guess which wins.

Electronic Poker Tables

An intersting development reported here

I like the idea, the best of both worlds, being able to see opponents but not having to worry about dropping cards chips etc.

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

PartyPoker Premier League Final on TV Tonight

The highly acclaimed PartyPoker Premier League Poker final airs on Channel 4 tonight. A two part final awaits poker fans. Phil Hellmuth and Vicky Coren, amongst others, take their seats.

Hellmuth has the chip lead and you can be certain that the "Poker Brat" will be in high spirits as the final begins. However, the others finalists are sure to want to wipe the grin off Hellmuth's face. Taking on the multi-WSOP bracelet winner are Juha Helppi, Eddy Scharf, Ian Frazer, Liz Lieu and Vicky Coren.

The PartyPoker Premier League series began way back in May. If you haven't tuned in yet then you've missed a rare TV poker treat!

The tournament brought together 12 of the worlds best poker players to fight it out in a unique league format. Each player bought their way in for $20,000. PartyPoker added $260,000 to the total prize pool, making this event worth a staggering $500,000.

A PartyPoker.com spokesman said: "We are very pleased with the response to Premier League Poker and have been inundated by enquiries from pros from all over the world about how they can get involved in the future. It has the winning combination of having bags of personality and world class poker."

The players were quick to praise the tournament too. "Premier League Poker featured a fantastic format filled with skill, twists and turns, great players and made for electric television." Said Phil Hellmuth.

"This is a totally different concept and will make great television, it's like a poker Big Brother. It sets a new bar for televised poker." Commented Dave "The Devilfish" Ulliott

Finally, Tony G got the last word when he enthused, "The Premier League is the best poker event I have ever played in. A real breakthrough for poker."

Joining Jesse May in the commentary booth for the final will be Dave "Devilfish" Ulliot and Tony G.

The final table standings are as follows:

Phil Hellmuth (USA) 350,000 chips
Eddy Scharf (GER) 310,000 chips
Juha Helppi (FIN) 260,000 chips
Ian Frazer (ENG) 250,000 chips
Liz Lieu (USA) 230,000 chips
Vicky Coren (ENG) 200,000 chips

The final airs early on Wednesday morning (12:10am) on Channel 4.